Become a JAC International spare parts distributor

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    1) Authorized distributors to sell JAC genuine parts in a specific area;
    2) Share the spare parts manual to guide distributors to operate spare parts business;
    3) Provide training for spare parts manager;
    4) Provide electronic catalog of spare parts to help distributors quickly query the codes of JAC spare parts;
    5) Provide genuine parts of all models according to the market share and vehicle sales plan;
    6) Offer business policy incentive and annual business rewards according to the sales targets and completion conditions set by the distributors.
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    1) The scale of the company ranks among the top ten in the local auto parts industry;
    2) Have legal business qualifications in the local area, and have experience in the distribution of spare parts for other automobile brands;
    3) Please provide the company's average annual sales and the sales business plan for the next three years.
    4) Have the staff and material resources to engage in spare parts related work;
    5) Have sufficient spare parts sales channels (including offline and online);
    6) Ensure that the JAC spare parts sold are genuine spare parts purchased from JAC, and are obliged to maintain the JAC brand image;
    7) Reasonable and stable price shall be formulated in accordance with the local price policy.
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    How to Join

    1) Submits the application with the company introduction materials and detailed business plan.
    2) JAC will conducts a comprehensive evaluation of the company, and confirm whether to cooperate according to the evaluation result.
    3) JAC signs a spare parts distributor agreement with the company.
    4) JAC provides the distributor with the training of VI image standards and spare parts operation.
    5) The distributor completes the purchase of the first batch of spare parts orders;
    6) JAC helps the distributor with the terminal stores opening.