JAC Power丨WVTA Certified! Pure electric light truck N75EV wins EU passport


Recently, after winning the access to high-end markets such as Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong (China) and other countries and regions, JAC pure electric light truck N75EV successfully acquired the European Union Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA). This indicated that JAC N75EV successfully won the "Pass" to European high-end markets and can be sold in unlimited quantities in Europe.



The European Union Whole Vehicle Type Approval, entitled as the "Oscar" of vehicle certification, is the world's most comprehensive type of certification with the highest standards and strictest requirements, which made it a pre-requisite for light trucks to access to high-end markets. Due to the technical barriers to Europe increased year by year, JAC electric light truck N75EV underwent more than 100 rigorous tests before finally approved.


Equipped with AEBS, LDWS, TPMS, 360 panoramic image, dual airbags, knob shifting and other intelligent configurations, the N75EV is the star model among JAC’s products exported to Europe.



Currently, JAC has simultaneously launched localized testing in European markets for N75EV, a brand-new symbol of intelligent manufacturing in China which is bound to shine Europe and impress the world.