JAC Power | Wind vane of electric commercial vehicles, JAC shines in Brazil FENATRAM Commercial Auto Show


Recently, JAC presented a full range of electric commercial vehicles including electric light trucks and electric pickups at the FENATRAM 2022 23rd International Road Cargo Transport Show in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The FENATRAM Show is the largest and most influential event in Latin America, gathering interest from global commercial vehicle brands and major customers in the industry.



As the only Chinese automobile brand showcasing 100% electric vehicle products at the show, JAC’s excellent products attracted a lot of auto brands and major customers at the show. At JAC's booth, engineers from traditional European auto brands stopped by for discussions with great interest, while many world's top 500 enterprises placed orders instantly. The largest local refitting plant and a leading company of refrigerated containers in Sao Paulo urgently adopted JAC's complete solutions, showing JAC's strong brand strength in the new energy commercial vehicle market in Latin America. JAC has become the "wind vane" of Brazil's electric commercial vehicle industry.



Since 2020, JAC has successfully delivered over 1,000 electric commercial vehicles to nearly 60 leading enterprise customers in Brazil, including DHL, Pepsi and many other world top 500 enterprises.


In the future, JAC will further expand its product matrix, engage in the new energy vehicle industry, promote the rapid development of the automotive industry towards electrification, intelligence and sharing, and contribute China’s share to the global green development.