Release of a new Sixth Sense, JS6 global launch conference innovation came




JS6, JAC Group’s first model equipped with MIS structure, was officially released globally on October 14. The conference, which was held through live streaming with China-Mexico both online, comprehensively interpreted new functions of JS6 to arouse the sensory experience.


The global launch was kicked off by the "immersive" experience film. With the ideas such as full space, intelligence and immersion being mentioned more frequently, "sound" is an important part of the five senses in the driving experience. Quiet, comfortable and deeply-integrated hearing experience lightened the live streaming. With the countdown, the history of JS series models unfolded like a picture scroll. Since the first-generation products were exported to overseas markets in 2007, JS series models have been popular as JAC’s best-sellers, and have served global users for 15 years amid updates and iterations. The design of JS6 model, inspired by "It’s my sixth sense", starts from the five senses of vision, touching, hearing, smelling and taste, to satisfy the users' sensory experience, with the brand-new driving experience to arouse the users' sixth sense - intuition.


The global launch highlighted the linkage between China and Mexico. Upon the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Mexico, a key market of JAC, Mexican dealers reviewed the development history and the driving force for continuous business growth of JAC brand in Mexico, and said that more and more Mexicans liked and trusted the JAC brand. On the day of Mexican JS6 launch, the terminal order exceeded 500 units.


Thanks to JAC's most complete product matrix, its sales volume in Mexico realized a triple-digit increase year-on-year in 2022. Six out of ten electric vehicles in Mexico would belong JAC. JAC will continue to consolidate its market position as the top supplier of pure electric vehicles in Mexico and contribute to the Mexican automobile industry.


As a representative Chinese automobile brand, JAC Group focuses on product innovation and brand building. The new JS6 products feature an overall upgrade in product strength by inheriting the technical experience accumulated for JS series, relying on the platform advantages of the automated, electrified and industrially standardized MIS, and fully considering the needs of users. The upgraded JS6 products strive to provide JAC users with a brand-new experience of fashion, intelligence, security and technology. Based on MIS, JAC will grandly launch JS6 electric vehicles and PHEVs.

Starting the iterative process of JS series, the upgraded JS6 will surely break a better record for JAC as a best-seller.