JAC Power | “Big move” in the small market, Bahrain Natural Gas Company purchases Chinese brand cars in bulk for the first time


Recently, a good news came from the Bahrain market. According to a report in the Gulf Daily News dated August 31, JAC fulfilled batch delivery of light trucks, pickup and j7 to Bahrain Gas. These vehicles will be supplemented into the Bahrain natural gas team to serve Bahrain users.

Bahrain, covering a land area of 779 square kilometers, is a veritable tiny country, and most of our industrial clients there are small and medium-sized companies, few of which would order more than 5 vehicles in a deal. Though it is such a small market, the JAC team has still expanded systematically and made efforts to find new terminal industrial clients.

BG, one of our group clients in Bahrain gas industry, has never purchased vehicles from Chinese auto brands. However, JAC continuously tracked and visited the potential customer with our Bahrain partners for many times to talk over the products, quality assurance, services, and financial policies, promoted the free use of sample vehicles, and finally realized the largest single order of JAC in Bahrain market.

The successful batch delivery of JAC vehicles attracted reports from major media in Bahrain. It was also reported on the website of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, which is a recognition of the major breakthrough of JAC in the Bahrain market.
In the future, JAC will continue to adopt a customer-oriented approach to win new industrial clients and expand overseas markets based on its advantageous product portfolio, so that JAC will step forward more steadily and solidly in its overseas business.