Boost green travel, JAC Sunray EV delivered to Mexico


On August 3, the first batch of Sunray EV was officially delivered to Mexico and will bring new green travel solutions for the local users.



Delivery ceremony

With the rapid economic and social development and the accelerating process of industrialization and urbanization, transportation, as a major carbon emission industry, has always been the focus of energy conservation and emission reduction in many countries. The government of Mexico is also actively urge energy conservation, emission reduction and green travel.

JAC group follows the trend of EV and introduces EV to Mexico, enabling green travel in the international market. JAC international marketing team closely followed the local test, and actively invited local logistics and energy industry giants to make trial. Sunray EV, featured with high comfort, large space and long range, and other advantages, has won market recognition and batch orders, opening a new “green”chapter.

After the vehicles are put into use, they will not only bring green and high-quality new travel service experience to local users, but also help to further improve the environmental pollution and build a green transportation system in the city.

The breakthrough of Sunray EV in the Mexican market further solidifies JAC's position as the No.1 brand in the market, and highlights the excellent product strength and quality service ability of JAC Group. Hope we ride the wind and waves and working together with global users to write a new blueprint for low-carbon environmental protection!