JAC E-JS4 was launched in Brazil with great fanfare


On August 3, 2021, JAC distributor in Brazil held the launch event of E-JS4 in Mogi das Cruzes, a famous scenic town in Brazil. The distributor invited 36 most authoritative automobile media professional from local market, and provided 9 units of E-JS4 for their dynamic and static all-round experience.



The 36 automobile media professionals drove 65 kilometers from Sao Paulo to the conference site. After nearly one hour of dynamic driving experience, the participants were much impressed by the endurance, power performance, suspension system, chassis adjustment and handling performance of E-JS4.


In the static experience, the professionals gave a comprehensive evaluation and explanation to E-JS4. The E-JS4 outperforms competitors at the same level in the aspects of on-board entertainment system, safety, appearance and styling, internal space and charging solutions, bringing customers with better sensory and use experience.


Given the current outbreak of pandemic in Brazil, the launch event mainly focuses on online activities, through which the distributor deliver first-hand information of E-JS4 in real time by live streaming. Through boosting in previous stage and continuous warm-up, the distributor successfully attracted customers to various social media and guided customers to actively interact in the official account, which continuously increased the popularity and attention of the launch activities.


The launch will be followed by a nationwide launch of the distributor on August 7, when Brazilian customers will be able to experience and test-drive the E-JS4 up close. With increasing environmental awareness and electric vehicle penetration in Brazil, more and more customers are considering electric vehicles as a solution for their daily commute. We believe that with outstanding design and performance, E-JS4 will win more attention and achieve more sales in Brazil.



With the completion of the E-JS4 launch, JAC and the distributor will continue to provide the best products and services to customers as always. After continuous in-depth marketing, JAC's market share in the electric passenger car segment reaches 11%, surpassing BMW, Mercedes Benz and Tesla and other luxury brands, ranking the 5th in the whole market segment. In terms of service, JAC ranks the 5th among all brands for after-sales service satisfaction, and we are confident that with the joint efforts of JAC and our distributor, JAC passenger car brand will shine again in the Brazilian market.